The site is located 200 meters from Point Roadnight on Victoria’s Surf Coast. The building massing can be summarised as a recessive solid base with an overhanging lightweight top. Pilotis elevate the first floor to create a deeply recessive carport and entry. Concrete steps with integrated planters appear to float up to the front door to give a highly permeable feel to the front of the dwelling.

The roof is low pitched behind a continuous parapet line defining the top of the first floor. Balconies appear carved out of this rectilinear form which is further articulated with a curved front wall in response to the skewed property boundary and protrusion of the Point.

Two materials define the base and top; rammed earth and smooth render respectively. The base will be constructed from locally sourced sustainable and natural rammed earth. The colour of the rammed earth wall will vary slightly with individually constructed layers introducing a horizontal stratification appearance to the base. The first floor will be constructed from light weight smooth rendered walls in a natural off-white colour offering a tailored appearance in contrast to the base.

The house will sit within a generously landscaped setting comprising of Australian native species and carefully selected exotics.